Pastor’s Reports

Pastor's Report June 2017

From June 2016 toMay 2017

Rev. John Patrick

The year in Review

Our year began in June when we planted the flower boxes and began working on the parking lot landscaping. July 4th meant the Lobster Roll Lunch and the “Happy Birthday Uncle Sam” float. Late July and August meant cleaning out all the old insulation in the Basement ceiling, having new ceiling tiles and lights installed. Summer vacation bible school went well, as did the hikes with Brownfield Rec. September means Harvest festival and October brings the Fryeburg Fair. I went to Nepal in late October into November and Melvin Hallas (Celia Wilcox), William Sanborn (Greg Stacy), Allan Crabtree (Lauri Kruczek), and the Rev. Francis Costello (Lauri Kruczek) deserve special mention for filling the pulpit in my absence. Thanksgiving is always a beautiful holiday in New England, made more special after a month in Asia. Advent started at the end of November with the Bake Sale, the Ginger Bread House Workshop, and the Christmas Fair. Caroling with Denmark Recreation Children and the Daisy troop was a new treat. I look forward to more of that. The Sundays of Advent were snowy and beautiful. We celebrated Christmas Eve Lessons and Carols with a church full of old and new friends. The Christmas (Epiphany) Pageant was a mix of the young and old. Snowy weather meant the January Sledding Party was one of the best ever. There may have been too much snow, but there was just enough joy. Community lunches began in November and together with the ongoing Friday morning hikes, kept us together and out of the house during the coldest, darkest months of year. March and the increasing light brought a quiet lent, a somber Good Friday, a fantastic pie sale, and  a Joyful Easter The silent Auction, marks the end of one church year, and this year’s auction was a huge success.

I am thankful to have such a supportive Church family and look forward to the years ahead. Thank you for being the ministers to the minister.

We replanted the flower boxes in May, and our 189th year has started

The following section goes into a little more detail.

A Firm Foundation

This year’s Church projects were landscaping and the basement. We spread around some of the lilies we have, and Lauri brought some plants from her home. In the church basement Andy, Lauri, Cameron, Tylor, and I removed all the old ceiling tiles. Paul Cati of the Lions haled them to the dump with us. Paul Keisman came in to patch holes in the drywall and install the new tiles (all of which his family paid for).

Over the last few years we have gone a long way toward improving the physical structure of our church. Since the year 2000 we have added a new furnace, repaired faulty perimeter drains, drilled a new well, refinished the basement, carpeted the sanctuary, painted the building, installed a new roof, added storm windows, and additional insulation to the ceiling of the sanctuary,  painted the narthex, and changed and resurfaced our parking lot, and worked on our landscaping. This summer we will move our organ speakers down, and fix our arch. We have been good stewards, and our sanctuary proudly presents itself to our community. 


Average attendance at worship is somewhere in the mid 40s. Special services for Christmas and Easter remain full, and the Sanctuary is used for memorial services and weddings. We had an Easter sunrise breakfast in the church basement and Easter Worship in a warm sanctuary. It seemed to work out well We have enjoyed the choir from September to June and owe a debt of gratitude to Carol Rhoads and the members of the choir. The Deacons have served with dedication making sure we are ready for worship every Sunday. Summer worship went to 9AM for July and August.  We are fortunate to have Carol Rhoads to lead the choir and play music for us every Sunday.

Adult Study

The Adult Study class continues to meet and grapple with the Word. We have been meeting weekly and have managed to work our way through the Pentateuch and are now in the book of Judges. Please join us and share this enriching experience.

The Friday morning hiking group is an ongoing success. We have logged many miles together and improved peoples' lives physically, spiritually and mentally. We are approaching 1500 miles hiked!  That’s an amazing feat, made all the more amazing by the fact that most of our hikers are over 70 and several are over 80!

It should be mentioned here that Allen Crabtree, our loyal clerk, has compiled many of his hike journal entries and other literature and published them as a hiking guide for seniors. We are proud of Allan and the ministry he has undertaken with the publication of this book.

Sunday School and Youth

Always an area of focus, the Sunday School had a solid year. Bertha, and Deb, did a great job with our children. The best Sunday of all is probably the Epiphany Pageant. It was made all the more meaningful this year with the addition of adults.

Cameron has done a good job of taking care of the children and generally helping out around the church. He will be missed, and we welcome Sammy Carus as our new child care provider.

Pastoral Care

I spend a fair amount of my time in homes, in the hospitals, and beating around town. I did 3 memorial services since last June, and five weddings. There were no baptisms!

We are proud to serve the entire village, and a little beyond. It’s an honor to be part of this community and to receive the love and understanding that you all give. I minister to the community and the community ministers to me. I am thankful to God for that.

Committees and Stewardship

As you will hear from their reports, the Deacons, Trustees, Fellowship and Woman’s Fellowship have all been working hard for the church.  The Deacons have taken care of us on Sundays, lead the way in our study groups and responded with faith and generosity to needs that have arisen in the community. The Trustees have taken good care of our building and our finances.  The fundraising committee hosted a number of successful events, the most prominent being a very successful Memorial Day auction. The Woman's Fellowship has been active caring for grieving families with receptions following memorials.  They have also helped by hosting their ever popular Lobster Roll Lunch, the Christmas Bazaar, and other fundraising activities.


Besides the generosity of the Ladies Fellowship, the Deacons Fund, and the Minister’s discretionary account, we give liberally to Heifer Project International. Over the last decade we have contributed more than a hundred farm animals to families in need through out the United States and the World.

The Road Ahead

As we look at our family of today we should be aware that we have grown by working together and investing love in one another. We have come a long way, worked hard and patiently persisted. By the grace of God working through the variety of gifts we have brought together, we have fulfilled our calling to watch over this small town, and one another. Thank you all for the  prayers that guide us, and your kindness and your support through the years. I look forward to many more years of deepening faith and friendships.



Presented June 11, 2017